Bespoke frames made with the finest materials.

Ordered online or in-house, frames are made to measure to your exact specifications and ready for dispatch in just 10 days.

Choose your frame in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 Frame type

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Choose from four different frame types, ranging from classic to contemporary. Your artwork will be mounted on foamex to ensure rigid backing.

Standard Frame


Looking for something classic? The standard is our most popular and versatile frame type, suiting all styles of art. We offer mouldings to suit your budgets.
Box Frame


Add a little depth, shadow and presence to your artwork. This deeper frame creates a space between the glass and the print for a contemporary feel.
Floating Frame


Want an eye-catching modern presentation? Picture your artwork presented with a space between the work and the moulding as if it’s floating within the frame.
Tray Frame


With this open frame your mounted image sits slightly recessed below the front of the frame for a beautifully minimalist feel.

Step 2 Moulding

The moulding defines the style of your frame. Whether you want slick and contemporary or something a little more classic, we’ve got just the moulding for you all in high quality, sustainably sourced materials.

White Moulding


Going for contemporary? This solid, smooth white finish is neutral and light to give you an up-to-date look, while focussing the attention on the print itself.
Black Moulding


The classic choice for photographs and art prints. The deep, satin black finish is a neutral tone, hence its popularity for photographic prints.
Oak Moulding


For warmth and tone, you can’t beat oak. This natural solid wood is a classic choice, which complements most images.
Walnut Moulding


A modern take on the classic wooden frame. The deep, rich colours in our American Black Walnut mouldings are the perfect complement to vibrant colours.
Beech Moulding


Bright and smooth, with beautiful woodgrain. Beech mouldings lend a light and warm style to your artwork for a timeless natural wood frame.
Decorative Moulding


With this ornate option you can go either way, very traditional or super contemporary. Our smooth, rich, ornate gold and silver mouldings emphasise your images beautifully.

Step 3 Window mount

Enhance your artwork within the frame and complement the colours in your image with our exhibition-quality window mounts. Choose from a range of colours in any style and size.

Traditional Mount

Traditional Mount

If you want a professional and classic look, choose this. Bottom weighted, it draws the focal point up within the frame to create a balanced presentation.
Modern Mount

Modern Mount

Keeping it clean and minimal? This window mount is slim with equal widths on all sides to give you a sleek, modern style.
Extra-wide Mount

Extra-wide Mount

For a contemporary look, go for this extra-wide window mount. It works especially well with square formats and smaller image sizes.
Colour Variety

Colour Variety

We offer a full range of beautifully balanced colours to perfectly suit or contrast with your art, drawing the viewer’s eyes towards your print. Get in touch if you have a special colour request.

Step 4 Glass & fixtures

For the perfect finish, enhance your customised frame with our glass and fixing options. Glass types include UV protection and special low-reflective glass, and our range of fixtures suits any hanging requirements.

Glass Options

Glass Options

Eliminate almost all reflection. Our museum grade non-reflective glass gives an invisible finish. You can also protect your art with UV resistant glass types.
D-rings & Cord

D-rings & Cord

D-rings & cord make it easy to hang your art on existing wall fixings. Probably our most popular hanging option.
Mirror Plates

Mirror Plates

Mirror plates offer a classic fixing option and can complement the style of some frame types. They are robust, preventing easy removal of art from the wall.
Strap Hangers

Strap Hangers

Strap hangers are a neat fixing option and must be used for larger, heavier frames. They come in a range of sizes to suit your image.

All decided?

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